Helping Your Practice Navigate the Complete Revenue Lifecycle

Every exercise has the same revenue cycle. It starts when a patient sets up an appointment. It ends when and when the practice receives the payment. It sounds simple enough, but the reality is that there are plenty of opportunities along the way where you simple mistakes can cost your practice money.

At A2 Healthcare , we don’t just process claims. That’s the easy part. Instead we help our customers navigate the entire revenue lifecycle with our expertise in understanding payer billing rules, audits, repayments, appeals and denials, and more.

Why is this important?

Your revenue cycle is like a production line. Each step has to be executed perfectly, so that the next can happen. One minor hiccup and the production line comes to a screeching halt.

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We have dedicated team of industry experts to manage your revenue.

Your revenue cycle engagement with A2 Heathcare RCM is more than just a transaction for us. Upon implementation, you are assigned a team of regulatory and payment experts to work on your billing cycle from claims creation to payment posting to insurance collection. We provide patient inquiry services including a dedicated toll free number and experienced bilingual (English/Spanish) representatives to answer patient payment questions.

Your dedicated account executive will conduct monthly financial reviews which will check the performance against key performance indicators.

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Comprehensive Enrollment Services

Comprehensive Enrollment Services

We work with all eligible provider types and features. Those who manage enrollment preparation and submissions, respond to tedious payer verifications. Keep your CAQH profile running to ensure that your patients continue to have access to your care.

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Our end-to-end revenue cycle management solutions.



Patient experience

Improve patient satisfaction and financial health by increasing point of estimation accuracy services and preventing denial. So that you can focus on your priority of patients.



Claims, contract. Collections

Drive positive revenue with charge integrity technology that integrates your clinical and financial process, and delivers salvageable value and ensures you capture every wealth you own.

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Charge intergrity, Complainces, Pricing

Reduce denials Increase revenue and achieve positive financial results with claims, contract and collection management solutions to maximize productivity and yield.

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Learn how we change the revenue cycle with such solutions. that streamline the patient experience. Increase operational efficiency and improve financial performance.

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