Our History

For over 5 years we have remained true to our founding principles. The ideal of working towards healthier patients by allowing physicians to focus on patients continues to be the driving force with powerful EHR, revenue cycle, credentialing, and enrollment services.

We are dedicated to leveraging the latest information technology to make it easier for physicians to practice medicine and run their businesses. Our history of meeting government certifications and mandates allows you to maximize your revenues and helps avoid penalties. Our entire team maintains a commitment to physicians’ ability to deliver the best care.

We see a continued future where we work together with physicians of a multitude of backgrounds to make the practice of medicine enjoyable and fulfilling. The entire eMDs team looks forward to you joining us in making history by helping build the best integrated systems and services.


Asqauare Healthcare is a revenue cycle management company. which serves hospitals, and health systems groups across India. The company provides modular services along with targeted revenue cycle management services across revenue cycles including pre-registration, financial sanction, debt collection, charge capture, coding, billing and follow-up, underpayment, and denial management.

Our customers trust us to provide solutions that simplify the complex, creating opportunities to focus on what’s most important. Providing the best possible care to the patients and communities we serve our customers. We do this by working at Asqaure Healthcare. Informed by our values.

Asquare Healthcare defines essential, shared, daily behaviors that empower all of our associates to succeed. These are our values ​​in action. When we work at Asqaure Healthcare, we are all better together!

Our values guide us.

We share one mission—customer success. We commit ourselves and our success to the ability of our customers to achieve business objectives and support the overall mission and values and provide superior care to patients.

We work together the right way. We are inclusive, cooperative and selfless in pursuit of the best results for our customers and organization. We have fun and challenge each other with respect.

We learn, inspire and grow. We give priority to developing others and ourselves. Maintaining an environment where everyone has the opportunity to work at the highest level to be successful.

We strive for operational excellence. We fulfill our commitments. We differentiate our performance and exceed customer expectations.

We communicate to optimize performance. We all have a responsibility to be bold, open and transparent in our communication. Listen to each other and responsively seek and respond to feedback.

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Our Purpose


Significant Connection

A2 Heathcare give us empathy and commitment to do the right thing. Passionate about helping people navigate the complexities of health care.

In return, our associates derive satisfaction from collaborating within a diverse team. Gain the satisfaction of simplifying the experience for patients and our partners.


Complete Charge 

The partners give us the adaptability and willingness to improve our A2 healthcare system.

In return, our associates get a sense of pride from making an impact in a growing industry. Our partners drive transformational change so that providers can focus on patient care.

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Integrated Excellence

A2 Heathcare provides us with a drive for efficiency and operational excellence by working in a team-based environment. One who values accountability and our professionals.

In return, our associates learn transferable skills using tools and technology and gain experience making processes seamless.

Ready To Talk?

Learn how we change the revenue cycle with such solutions. that streamline the patient experience. Increase operational efficiency and improve financial performance.